Tribute Energy is dedicated to transitioning to a clean energy company as the world moves to more sustainable energy, fuels and chemicals. Over the past 5 years Tribute Energy has marketed bio-degradable plastics (PLA, PBAT, Modified Grades) in China, North America and South America and has plans to expand further in other markets. Moreover, Tribute Energy is developing relationships with new bio-plastics producers and is building synergies to expand to different markets all around the world. Tribute Energy has also introduced and promoted LPG feed-stock to crackers to reduce their carbon foot print and will continue to look for opportunities to reduce carbon emissions with innovation and emerging technologies.


Tribute Energy hires people from different backgrounds to bring in diverse thought and cultures to maintain our position as a global player in our industry. We value our customer relationships and always consider our customers thoughts, wants and needs first.  We also strive to promote an inclusive work environment where our employees are encouraged to bring forth new ideas to promote innovation and expertise in our industry. We consider every customer and employee part of the Tribute Energy Family.


Tribute Energy values accountability and transparency in all areas of our business operations and accounting. Our Board of Directors is committed to maintaining clear oversight in all we do and positively influencing value to our customers and employees. Ethics drives our relationships with each other, as well as our customers and suppliers and is at the forefront of everything we do